Master Salad For Dinner Recipe

Salad For Dinner is a great strategy to increase your plant intake and nourish your gut biome. This recipe is meant as a guideline that will allow you to prepare healthy dinners quickly with a variety of ingredients. The salad is constructed in six layers — 1) greens, 2) grains & legumes, 3) fresh fruits and vegetables,4)  roasted vegetables, 5) protein and 6) flavor boosters.

Our Master Salad For Dinner recipe allows you to shop without a list and take advantage of what is seasonal and on sale. It allows you to prepare a different dinner every night without a recipe. You can include animal protein or go entirely vegan using this recipe strategy. 

The goal is to eat 5 – 7 different plants at every meal and 30 different plants a week. Why? The best way to keep your gut biome happy is to eat a wide variety of plants.

Using this strategy you will simplify your cooking life, keep things interesting and very tasty and nourish your gut biome all at the same time.


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