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Pour this Healthy Vegan Dill Dressing on top of a bed of greens for a flavor-packed, healthy salad dish. This dressing is slightly tangy with a creaminess that melts in your mouth. Fresh undertones from dill will have you feeling like you are eating straight out of the garden. It’s a recipe to have on hand for an easy meal or when serving guests.

This recipe is perfect any time of year. When the greens are plentiful, or you need a fresh and healthy pick-me-up in the coziness of winter. This dressing is a great side dish to reset the palate when eating heartier foods like root vegetables and pasta.

Many vegan dressings and sauces will lean into the creamy power of nuts. Although cashews can be problematic if you are allergic. I’ve tested a nut-free version of this recipe using silken tofu, & it’s just as delicious.


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